Beyond Bars

January 19, 2017By jcampbellUncategorized

BACK IN SCHOOL For the last 10 years, during the school term, E.G. and I have met for lunch, every week. Often, her school has been a new one. Sometimes…we’ve had major life events to share. But, always, E.G. and I set aside time, to sit together and talk about her future. E.G. will be 18 … Read More

Back-In-Black Friday

November 26, 2016By jcampbellUncategorized

THE OPEN ROAD Dear Friends, It’s with much gratefulness I write this letter, hoping all are having a fun, meaningful Thanksgiving weekend. A great time of the year indeed. Personally, I have much to be thankful for. This year, I decided to take a roadtrip from my current city, Austin, TX, to old stomping grounds, … Read More

Mama, I’m Coming Home

October 11, 2016By jcampbellUncategorized

ON THE HOUSE In our everyday talk, we use the terms ‘house’ and ‘home’ interchangeably. In reality however, the two words have different meanings. Alan Graham – founder of Mobile Loaves & Fishes – identifies the number one cause of homelessness as “a catastrophic loss of family.” Not addiction.  Not mental illness.  Not poor choices. … Read More


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MARISA  Today, I had the honor of attending a funeral for a special young person. Marisa had just turned 21 years old.  The old phrase, “it’s not the amount of years in your life, it’s the amount of life in your years” rings painfully true. Marisa faced obstacles.  She had a physical disability. These disabilities … Read More

Blood Lost…Life Found.

August 16, 2016By jcampbellUncategorized

Not sure why it took me so long, but last night I watched “The Revenant.” It was phenomenal. Two thumbs up high. Best movie I’ve seen in a long, long time. The Revenant is a 2015 epic Western film inspired by the experiences of 19th century frontiersman Hugh Glass.  It stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Glass; … Read More

Fighting Back

August 8, 2016By jcampbellUncategorized

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work with an organization called Covenant House.  Covenant House is a homeless shelter, advocate, and support system for teenagers who find themselves homeless. Let’s take a second to think about that last phrase… Teenagers…who find themselves homeless. Now, I don’t want to assume anything about our readers, but, … Read More