Not sure why it took me so long, but last night I watched “The Revenant.”

It was phenomenal.

Two thumbs up high.

Best movie I’ve seen in a long, long time.

The Revenant is a 2015 epic Western film inspired by the experiences of 19th century frontiersman Hugh Glass.  It stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Glass; a role that earned the 5X previously-defeated actor his first Academy Award for Best Actor. Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu & Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki also won in their respective categories.


Quick Synopsis

In 1823, Hugh Glass guides Captain Andrew Henry’s party of trappers through unorganized U.S. territory (present-day North & South Dakota, Montana). The group is attacked by Natives, leaving minimal survivors. The group flees, wounded.

Tensions rise, as the survivors wander in the subzero, storm-laden wilderness fearing further attacks.

While scouting ahead for the next move, Glass is mauled by a grizzly bear, leaving the explorer in critical condition.

The incident sparks even more strife within the group, culminating in trapper John Fitzgerald’s attempted ‘mercy-killing’ of Glass.

Glass’s son Hawk intervenes.

A panicked Fitzgerald stabs the boy as Glass watches helplessly.

Then, Fitzgerald gathers the group.  They all leave.

Glass is betrayed by the entire crew, left behind in a half-dug grave.

The rest of the story is one to write home about…one of relentless resilience, as the severely wounded Glass rises above unimaginable obstacles to claw his way back to life.


The Meaning

Anyway, this isn’t a movie review. If it was, I’d be 8 months late.

I would, though, like to point out some of its inspiring moments, some great life lessons.

{Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen the movie & plan to, watch first, then read. There may be spoilers. Oh and…be warned by the title of this blog. ‘Blood lost’ is an understatement.}

Explorer, Leader, Father: Glass himself is a man of much integrity, wisdom, & courage. There’s a flashback to a scene from Hawk’s childhood in which Glass gazes into his ailing son’s eyes & repeats, in native tongue: “I’m here for you.” The phrase is echoed by Hawk – and again by Glass – in the wilderness as the two men fight for their lives together.

Bearing the Attack: Glass fights. He’s mauled by a 600-lb. grizzly bear, left within an inch of his life. But he fights back. And wins.

Blood Lost, Life Found: Barely able to move, Glass climbs up out of his grave. A stunning allegory.

An Unlikely Hero: Glass meets Pawnee refugee & expected foe, Hikuc. The two men bond over a meal, sharing bison meat – and sharing the human experience – together. Hikuc invites the paralyzed Glass to ride with him on a horse into restoration, ultimately saving his life.

Social Justice: After a haunting hallucination, Glass discovers that his friend Hikuc has been hanged by French traders. Stumbling upon their camp, he finds a fellow trapper raping a Native woman. Disregarding consequence, refusing to look the other way, Glass saves the girl, sets her free, and – now, with an entire camp to fear – rides off on a new-found horse into the unknown.

Redemption: Determined to avenge his son’s death, Glass eventually finds Fitzgerald, engages him in a brutal battle, and wins. About to kill the man, Glass remembers his friend Hikuc’s prophetic words: “Revenge is in the Creator’s hands.” He leaves the scene, severely wounded once again, and retreats into the mountains.

Leo’s Real-Life Resilience: Five nominations, zero wins. Until The Revenant. The term ‘revenant’ means ‘a person who returns.’ Leo’s praised performance in The Revenant is an example of the time-tested truth that hard, grueling work can – and does – lead to victory.


The Revenants Among Us

We all face adversity. Some more extraordinarily than others.

I’m reminded of the survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault that are aided by the SAFE Alliance {Stop Abuse For Everyone}. Many, many thanks to the people who came out for Mic’d For A Cause to show support. It was a great time for a great cause.

Very much looking forward to the next Mic’d Event. Exciting announcement coming soon! Be the first to find out by liking our Facebook page & following us on Twitter.  @MicdOfficial.

It’ll be an opportunity to raise a voice for those in need. To help the wounded, the scarred, the forgotten. To share the human experience with someone different, with the unlikely heroes in our midst who face extraordinary obstacles.